Strategic Goals

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  1. Developing the student's personality to be capable of innovating, challenging, self-learning, working in a team and competing regionally and globally.
  2. Developing and improving the academic programs in terms of recent global trends, and according to international quality standards, taking into account local conditions.
  3. Catering for continuing education and e-learning, distance learning and open education.
  4. Improving the performance of the faculty members as scientists in various research fields as well as experts in education, modern learning technology.
  5. Promoting scientific research and consolidating cooperation with other universities and scientific research centers nationally, regionally and globally.
  6. Developing the cultural, social and service sectors of the local and regional community via the preparation of specialized cadres for different professions and strengthening the disciplines that the university colleges are characterized with.
  7. Disseminating and deepening the quality assurance culture and continuous improvement in education, scientific research and community service in the university system in accordance with international standards adopted.
  8. Producing, applying and exploiting knowledge for the benefit of the society by strengthening community partnership.
  9. Making use of modern technology and information technology in the development of teaching and learning and community service system.
  10. Fulfilling sustainable development in all domains.

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